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With regards to the upcoming holiday season we would like to inform all members of the Association the regulations regarding holiday lights. They are as follows:

Only warm white and soft white holiday / winter lights are permitted within The Lodges at Fish Creek Homeowners’ Association. Colored and/or blinking lights are not permitted. Lights are limited to trees and lighted wreaths that are hung on a structure. Any lights that are to be hung on a structure, with the exception on lighted wreaths, or any other holiday decorations that are proposed to be installed on any Lot within The Lodges at Fish Creek Homeowners’ Association require Board of Directors approval prior to installation. Additionally, lighted trees are to have their branches individually wrapped with lights, circling trees with a single string of lights is not permitted. Lights are not to be illuminated during daylight hours and only permitted between dusk to 12AM. Holiday / winter lights shall not be in place before Thanksgiving of any year and shall be taken down prior to April 15th of any year.

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