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Shooting Star is in the heart of critical wildlife habitat. Moose are aggressive, and encounters happen quickly. Use caution and remind your guests of the dangers of moose. Be bear aware. Black bear activity is most common, and we have seen grizzly bears. Secure all items such as garbage, bird feeders, and compost. Feeding wildlife is prohibited and is considered animal cruelty.

Speed Limit
The speed limit on Crystal Springs Road is 25 miles per hour, and 20 miles per hour on all other roads. Please reduce your speed when approaching the Club.

Dog and Leash Expectations
Dogs must be under voice control of the person responsible. If the dog is not under voice control, it must be on a leash. Owners must clean up after their pets.

Mail and Package Delivery
If you expect to receive any packages while you are here, please note that USPS does not deliver to physical addresses. Both FedEx and UPS will deliver to physical addresses. Please avoid shipping packages to the Club as space is limited.

Garbage and Recycling Receptacles
All garbage and recycling containers must be screened from view and protected from wildlife. Please inform your house guests so they are aware of these policies.

For details regarding our community, contact Frank Ruper at (307) 732-3524 or

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